Salem expands beyond witch history

Salem, the witch city, is rebranding itself, in hopes of luring more than the witch tourist.

With a new logo — half hat, half sail — Salem wants to remind people of its maritime history, and attractions that can bring people to town for more than the annual October witchfest, Haunted Happenings.

Salem’s tourism has been hard-hit by the recession and shrinking marketing budgets. Writer Rodrique Ngowi’s AP report can be read here.


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To Commemorate The Carrier Family Reunion…

My Dad (John Carrier) and I attended the Carrier Family Reunion. We had such an amazing time! As a way to commemorate the trip, I got a new tattoo!

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New Martha Carrier site registration rules

Dear Carrier cousins and family:

Because of a steady number of bogus registrations from “ru” and “po” servers, we will now require any new user to send an email verifying your Carrier connection or interest, along with real name. You can choose any user name, and password, but I will manually add you to the list. You will then be able to post blog items, photos, links etc, and comment on any post. Those already signed up retain their “author” status.

Your email, name and any personal profile information you add will be kept private.

New registrations: send an email to info (at)

Thank you,

Jim Carrier, administrator

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Reunion Pictures

I’ve put some reunion pictures at

Reunion Photo’s

Neal Carrier

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Salem Video from Kathleen Kent

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Death in Salem: The private lives behind the 1692 Witch Hunt

A new, nonfiction book from a Salem descendant.

According to Amazon, Diane Foulds breaks participants into groups such as: The Accusers, the Victims, the Clergy…the Elite.

Click here for more from Amazon.

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Salem reunion video is live

Little Brown, the publisher of Kathleen Kent’s two novels on the Carrier family, has posted a two-minute video of our reunion in Salem. You can find it by clicking here.

Also, Wolves of Andover is available in an audio book, read Ellen Archer.

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The Salem Reunion

Thankyou Kathleen for the wonderful events that took place during the reunion and for your books. It was great to meet so many new cousins. Does anyone have a final count? I heard a couple of times that it was over 300. I stayed five days beyond the reunion and discovered (for myself anyway) some interesting things. At the Witchcraft Dungeon Museum there is a board set in the wall from the original building where the condemned were kept. Women who touch it have good luck, men who touch it don’t. We were told that river rats tunneled in and that when the river rose, water was ankle deep in the room. In the lobby of the Phillips Library there are two paintings, one is labeled “Examination of a Witch”, painted in 1853 by Tomkins Matteson. Not sure if both are by the same individual, the theme is the same. In the Visitors Center there are two displays, one showing a map and cards listing those who were executed and where they were from. The other display talked of the “Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice”, it came about because the the witchcraft trials. There is information about it on-line. I hope others got to see these things too, it added so much to my store of information.
This entire trip has been most extraordinary, i will never forget it.

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Laura Carrier Garofolo photos

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Reunion photos – please share

If you have a few good photos of the reunion, please post them here (insert in post using the photo button on the form), or email to, and I’ll post.

Here are a couple I took:

Kathleen Kent at the Hawthorne

Priscilla (Carrier Smalser), Jim and Doug Carrier

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