Salem Video from Kathleen Kent

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Death in Salem: The private lives behind the 1692 Witch Hunt

A new, nonfiction book from a Salem descendant.

According to Amazon, Diane Foulds breaks participants into groups such as: The Accusers, the Victims, the Clergy…the Elite.

Click here for more from Amazon.

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Salem reunion video is live

Little Brown, the publisher of Kathleen Kent’s two novels on the Carrier family, has posted a two-minute video of our reunion in Salem. You can find it by clicking here.

Also, Wolves of Andover is available in an audio book, read Ellen Archer.

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The Salem Reunion

Thankyou Kathleen for the wonderful events that took place during the reunion and for your books. It was great to meet so many new cousins. Does anyone have a final count? I heard a couple of times that it was over 300. I stayed five days beyond the reunion and discovered (for myself anyway) some interesting things. At the Witchcraft Dungeon Museum there is a board set in the wall from the original building where the condemned were kept. Women who touch it have good luck, men who touch it don’t. We were told that river rats tunneled in and that when the river rose, water was ankle deep in the room. In the lobby of the Phillips Library there are two paintings, one is labeled “Examination of a Witch”, painted in 1853 by Tomkins Matteson. Not sure if both are by the same individual, the theme is the same. In the Visitors Center there are two displays, one showing a map and cards listing those who were executed and where they were from. The other display talked of the “Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice”, it came about because the the witchcraft trials. There is information about it on-line. I hope others got to see these things too, it added so much to my store of information.
This entire trip has been most extraordinary, i will never forget it.

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Laura Carrier Garofolo photos

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Reunion photos – please share

If you have a few good photos of the reunion, please post them here (insert in post using the photo button on the form), or email to, and I’ll post.

Here are a couple I took:

Kathleen Kent at the Hawthorne

Priscilla (Carrier Smalser), Jim and Doug Carrier

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Thank you Cousins Jim & Kathleen!

Kudos to the Carrier clan for making last weekend a real hoot! 8 members from our “twig” of the vast Carrier Tree made the 4 hour journey to Salem last weekend for the reunion & had a great time! It was nice to meet our cousins from around the country & finally put some faces to the names. I managed to scale a couple of brick walls with your help. Thank you ALL!
Bob (Thomas – Richard – Amos – Amaziah – John M. – Daniel S. – George H. – George L. – Joan P. Carrier) Smith

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Post Reunion Sweatshirt and T-shirt sales

It was a Great CARRIER Reunion, Thank you Kathleen Kent.

I’m sending in my last order to the printer on Friday. If you want a sweatshirt or T-shirt email me at for ordering procedures.

sweatshirts 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping….. poppy red, perwinkle blue, washed purple or mocha.

t-shirts 20. plus 3.00 shipping… grass color.

all 100% cotton.

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Carrier Genealogy Mailing list

In January 1999 I started a Carrier genealogy mailing list on We have over 70 members subscribed, most are descendants of Thomas and Martha but a few  from the W. John Carrier line from Virginia early 1700’s. Several of the list members were at the reunion in Salem.

We could use some new members so feel free to sign up.

To subscribe:  to join CARRIER-L, send mail to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body.

To join CARRIER-D, do the same thing with

Old messages are archived at

Neal Carrier

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Carrier Family reunion makes news in Salem

The Salem News published a nice article on our gathering Monday, Nov. 8, with a photo taken at our memorial service. Here’s a link.

Salem News Photo by Ken Yuszkus

If you have comments about the weekend, or photos, please email or post here directly.

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