New witch hunt film blames Rev. Parris

A new film playing at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site describes the Rev. Samuel Parris as the key figure in the 1692 hysteria. The film, based on the latest research, produced by the Essex National Heritage Commission, plays four times a day.

Read this account of the film, and the historians behind it, from Religion News Service, published in the Washington Post.

Here is the link to the NPS.

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New author

Thanks, Jim. I’ll be back.
Chuck Carrier

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Visiting Salem

Heading to Boston/Salem next month, curious what others recommend seeing and passing up.  Read both K. Kent’s books and looking forward to the visit.  Martha and Thomas were my (7x) grandparents.    Beth

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Hello Cousins (Distant and Near)

This site is a bittersweet find.  Sweet to have it exist but I am bitter than I found it months after the reunion.  I would have loved to attend. Below is my line to Martha.

I only found out about the connection a few years ago, when I started doing genealogy for my newborn daughter.  My mother (Suzanne) mentioned something she heard from her father or grandmother about a connection to the Salem Witch Trials.  An article from my aunt and an afternoon on Ancestry and I had the connection.  I can’t wait until my daughters (there are two strong-willed girls following me around now) are old enough to understand.  Kathleen’s book and another I just found in a post are on their way.

I look forward to connecting with some of you and (hopefully) attending the next reunion.


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Another Carrier looking for roots

My maiden name is Sheila Carrier.  I live in Rochester, New York, and have just finished reading Kathleen Kent’s novels about Martha and Thomas Carrier.  They have renewed my desire to learn about my heritage.  My niece has gone as far back as the Civil War and discovered my great-great grandfather Carrier was a Union army officer.  After the war he went to Panama and worked on the canal where he died of yellow fever.  I know he was from Lockport, New York, and there are several Carriers buried in a cemetery there.  We visited that cemetery but do not know if any Carriers still live in Lockport.

My grandfather was John Dudley Carrier.  He was born in the late 1800’s.  His son, my father, was John Littlefield Carrier. He was born around 1912 I have two brothers;  John Charles Carrier (deceased) and Robert William Carrier.  We all are from the Rochester, New York, area.
Do you know if any of Martha and Thomas’s kin migrated to upstate New York?  I noticed that there was a reference to the ‘Virginia’ Carriers.  Can you tell me anything about them?

I’m not very skilled at researching genealogy but my niece is.  She is too busy to devote much time to this.  Any info you can pass on would be very much appreciated!

Thank you,
Sheila McAuliff

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Salem expands beyond witch history

Salem, the witch city, is rebranding itself, in hopes of luring more than the witch tourist.

With a new logo — half hat, half sail — Salem wants to remind people of its maritime history, and attractions that can bring people to town for more than the annual October witchfest, Haunted Happenings.

Salem’s tourism has been hard-hit by the recession and shrinking marketing budgets. Writer Rodrique Ngowi’s AP report can be read here.


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To Commemorate The Carrier Family Reunion…

My Dad (John Carrier) and I attended the Carrier Family Reunion. We had such an amazing time! As a way to commemorate the trip, I got a new tattoo!

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New Martha Carrier site registration rules

Dear Carrier cousins and family:

Because of a steady number of bogus registrations from “ru” and “po” servers, we will now require any new user to send an email verifying your Carrier connection or interest, along with real name. You can choose any user name, and password, but I will manually add you to the list. You will then be able to post blog items, photos, links etc, and comment on any post. Those already signed up retain their “author” status.

Your email, name and any personal profile information you add will be kept private.

New registrations: send an email to info (at)

Thank you,

Jim Carrier, administrator

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Reunion Pictures

I’ve put some reunion pictures at

Reunion Photo’s

Neal Carrier

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Salem Video from Kathleen Kent

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