I have been researching my family history for about two years now and it has been a fascinating journey–but now I have more questions than answers and would love it if any of you have more information to share.  I am descended from Martha’s daughter Hannah Carrier Wood.  Since Hannah was so little when her mother died and lived with another family for so long as far as I know the story was not passed along through the generations and so little seems to be known about Hannah.  Does anyone have more insight into her life?  Not getting to come to the reunion felt like Hannah was left out again.  As I was working on this ancestry search I included my husband’s family too.  Low and behold his grandfather’s sister Lily Clyne married a Delbert E. Carrier in 1879. As much as I can find out is that Delbert’s father was named Heram and he was born in Ohio. I do not have Heram’s father’s name but do think that he was possibly born in Pennsylvania.  so my next question is–Does anybody know if this Carrier family was related in some way to my Carrier family?  So–if anybody out there can help me it would be appreciated.  Also, if we turn out to be cousins–I would love to hear from you!!

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  1. great8 says:

    There is a genealogy by Helynn Carrier that may have the people you are looking for. I don’t recall the exact title, but it concerns Thomas and Martha (Allen) Carrier and their descendants and she brought many lines down at least to the 19th century in my line. There are other genelogies out there also. Good luck!

  2. Neal Carrier says:

    Hello Cousin Robyn,
    I’m descended from Hannah’s brother Thomas and her husband Joseph is my first cousin 8 times removed.
    I have a copy of the Helynn Carrier genealogy that great8 mentions and there are 4 pages of Hannah’s descendants listed.
    If you contact me at nfcarrier@gmail.com I can send you a copy of those pages if you want them. I couldn’t find either a Delbert E. or Heram listed in that book.
    Neal Carrier

  3. Deborah says:

    Hello Robyn,

    I am a descendent of Hannah Carrier also. She was my 7th great grand mother.
    Irene Wood (6th) Daughter of Hannah Carrier and Joseph Wood
    Hannah Pember (5th) Daughter of Irene Wood and John Pember
    Gustavus Adolphen Hyde (4th Great Grand Father) Son of Hannah Pember and Matthew Hyde
    Hannah Pember Hyde (3rd Great Grandmother) Daughter of Gustavua Adolphen Hyde and Marry Polly Collar
    Issac Alma Gamet (Great Great Grandfather) Son of Hanna Pember Hyde and David Mallory Gamet
    Charles L Gamet (Great Grandfather) Son of Issac Alma Gamet and Mary M Patch
    Leverett Marcellus Gamet (Granfather) Son of Charles L Gamet and Ella Gamet

    There is my line!
    Howdy CUZ! Email me strwbrryalice@yahoo.com

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