Hello All

I’m descended from Thomas (the rock thrower) Carrier Jr.

Anne Dudley Bradstreet, the poet in Kathleen’s book, was my 8th great grandmother. Her son Dudley Bradstreet (my 8th great uncle) was a Justice of the Peace in Salem and was one of those who grilled Thomas and Sarah during those dark times. Because of his disbelief in the procedures was later accused himself and fled. So I had relatives on each side of the bench.

Hannah Carrier is my 6th great aunt. Her husband Joseph Wood and I are 1st cousins 8 times removed.

Not being satisfied to be descended from one accused witch, I had to keep looking until I found another one in my family tree. I finally found on in the person of Rebecca/Steele/Elsen/Mudge/Greensmith who was hanged for being a witch on Jan 8 1662 in Wethersfield, CT. She was married to my 8th great grandfather Jarvis Mudge. I wonder if she killed him?

Enough rambling for now, see you all in Salem.

About Neal Carrier

Thomas & Martha are my 6th great-grandparents and I've been researching my family tree for about 15 years. In this time I have met many new cousins far and wide.
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  1. great8 says:

    Hello, we are “double cousins”. I am descended from Thomas and Martha, my 8x great grandparents through their son Thomas on my father’s side. I am also descended from Gov. Thomas Dudley, my 8x great grandfather through his son Rev. Samuel Dudley, a brother of Anne Dudley Bradstreet on my mother’s side. Hope to meet you at the reunion.

  2. Djskitchen says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a descendant from Thomas & Martha Carrier, their son Richard, then his daughter Hanna. My sister, neice, soon to be daughter inlaw and myself , we are so excited to go to the family reunion. We have been searching for family members for about a year now and when I heard about the book “The Heretics Daughter” I had to run right out and buy it. I am so thankful that Kathleen Kent wrote it. I cried and cried while reading it. It was amazing, very moving. You must read it if you haven’t yet. I had to contact Kathleen as soon as I finished the book. I hope that some of you come from the Johnson line, we have so many questions. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Salem MA. We are coming from Utah.
    Darla Shepherd, Janine Jacklin, Amy Shepherd, Jessica Edman

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