Investigating Our Family Lore

Hello, my name is Adrian and I came across this website while preparing a paper on my 8th great grandmother Goody Carrier (Martha).
I am currently in school to complete my PHD in history and as part of my thesis I am writing about my family’s early days in the new world. Excited to be part of this community and see what others have discovered.

My grandmother first introduced me to the story of Goody when I was just a child, passed on in verbal form as part of our family lore for generations along with a 400 year old family bible that had names, birthdays, marriages, and deaths listed. Martha’s name is listed with a line through it and a note that simply says “executed”. It would be years before I confirmed the family stories and documented our family tree.

In any case, being a student of history, and one with several ties to the early days of our nation, I am excited to see what others have to share about our common ancestor. Hopefully in my research I will be able to drop a few treasures of my own to this community here and there.

Funny/Fun note on one of Goody’s descendants… nearly 200 years after Salem, Goody’s 3rd Great Grand Daughter, Adelaide Jenkins (my 3rd Great Grandmother), was also accused by members of her church of using witchcraft in the mid 1800s to “maintain an oddly youthful appearance”. A trait that my family has been known for ever since, with many of my family looking as much as 10 to 20 years or more, younger than their actual age. I have a great aunt that passed away at a youthful 107 that hardly looked a day over 60; and my great uncle Joe is 96 and doesn’t have a single grey hair.

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