Iowa branch checking in

Hi, all,

My name is John Choiniere, and I believe I’m a 10th-generation near-direct descendant of Martha.  My mother’s maiden name was Rebecca Carrier.  I’m here basically to either confirm the research my grandmother did a few years back or have my illusions shattered (heh).  Here’s what I’ve been told:

Andrew Allen had a daughter, Martha, who married Thomas Carrier. They had a son Richard Carrier, who was married twice: first to Elizabeth Sessions, then to Thankful Brown.  With Thankful, he had a son Amos, who married Phoebe Kneeland. They had a son Amariah, who married Honor Hogins. They had a son Robert, who married Calista Fenner. They had a son Alvester Robert Carrier (1844-1924), who married Arabella Frances Richardson (1842-1908).  They had a son Fred Lester Carrier (1874-1926), who married Emma Claus (1876-1947). They had a son Lewis Edward Carrier (1901-1982), who married Hilda Felder (1901-1986). They had a son Jerome Francis (Bud) Carrier (1932-2005), who married Carolyn Janet Tomkins (1935-).  They gave birth to my mom, Rebecca (1958-), who married my dad, John Choiniere (1952-).  They had me and my brother Dan, born 1985 and 1988 respectively.

So, Martha => Richard => Amos => Amariah => Robert => Alvester => Fred => Lewis => Jerome => Rebecca => Me!

The later generations (Alvester onward) are totally confirmable through family possesions, but I have no idea about the veracity of the earlier stuff.  For example, my grandmother also has Thomas Carrier’s life span as 1626-1735 (109 years!).  Does this match with what other people know? And if so, is there any information I can provide to people about this Iowan group?

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  1. Neal Carrier says:

    Hello John, New York branch responding.
    Your info checks out ok, I have info on your line down to your mother Rebecca Lynn.

    There are about 6 people I know of descended from the Thomas/Richard/Amos/Amariah line, some in New York, West Virginia and Ohio that are active on the Carrier Rootsweb list.

    I have a Carrier web site at

    Neal Carrier

  2. JohnChoiniere says:

    Hi Neal,

    That’s great! I can help out with the next generation of that line, if you’re interested. All of my mother’s siblings except Bruce have children, and there are 5 boys with that could potentially carry on the name.

  3. Neal Carrier says:

    Hello John,
    Sure, always looking for new Carrier info.

    Please send it to my email at


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