2012 Carrier Reunion?

Hello Cousins,

Is there a 2012 Carrier Reunion planned?  I have to chose vacation dates soon for 2012. 

Sue King-Marschalk,  Bristol Tennessee

About Sue

9th Great-Granddaughter - line is through my maternal Grandfather. Born and lived in California for 57 years; then retired to Bristol, Tennessee. Married with one adult son.
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  1. Neal Carrier says:

    Hello Sue,
    Hopefully someone would plan one as there seems to be a lot of interest in having another, especially from those who didn’t make it to the first one.
    Too bad we didn’t get together and do an “Occupy Salem” this fall. We could have pitched our tents in the town park and banged our drums in front of the tourist traps in town.
    Seems that quite a few Carriers lived in Bristol but most seem to have been from the “other” Carrier family. A few years ago I swapped emails with a Carrier cousin who worked at the Bristol Motor Speedway but I’ve lost touch with her.

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