My Carrier Story

My sixth grade year in Middle School I met a girl who’s middle name is Carrier. I thought that was pretty interesting because Carrier is my last name. She already knew that she was related to Martha Carrier, and we spent hours sifting through web pages on Martha’s descendants looking for a connection that would make us related. We didn’t find anything. But my aunt is really interested in ancestors and family trees so I asked her. Turns out we should have started by asking her because she knew that she was related to the Carriers because one of Martha Carrier’s sons was our great great etc. grandfather. From there, our English teacher showed the two of us Kathleen Kent’s book, and we contacted her. It’s been great learning more about the plight of those convicted of “witchcraft” so long ago. I hope this website can bring the Carrier family together to commemorate Martha Carrier and her wrongful downfall.

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