Hello Cousins (Distant and Near)

This site is a bittersweet find.  Sweet to have it exist but I am bitter than I found it months after the reunion.  I would have loved to attend. Below is my line to Martha.

I only found out about the connection a few years ago, when I started doing genealogy for my newborn daughter.  My mother (Suzanne) mentioned something she heard from her father or grandmother about a connection to the Salem Witch Trials.  An article from my aunt and an afternoon on Ancestry and I had the connection.  I can’t wait until my daughters (there are two strong-willed girls following me around now) are old enough to understand.  Kathleen’s book and another I just found in a post are on their way.

I look forward to connecting with some of you and (hopefully) attending the next reunion.


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  1. bafcrf23 says:

    Hi Brad,

    My Great, Great Grandfather was David F. Carrier, who was Frances’s brother. I’ve known since middle school (many years ago) that Martha was in my ancestry, but did not find out the relationship until recently. Our family, too, missed the reunion, but coincidentally have a trip planned to Boston this fall and will be visiting Salem. My maiden name was Carrier. I went to College at Clarion University in PA which also has a rich Carrier History. My grandparents are buried in the Carrier Cemetary in Summerville and we used to visit it when I went to college. (Also a while ago) It’s nice that there are so many people that have worked to make this easy for us to connect with our past.

    Beth F.

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