Another Carrier looking for roots

My maiden name is Sheila Carrier.  I live in Rochester, New York, and have just finished reading Kathleen Kent’s novels about Martha and Thomas Carrier.  They have renewed my desire to learn about my heritage.  My niece has gone as far back as the Civil War and discovered my great-great grandfather Carrier was a Union army officer.  After the war he went to Panama and worked on the canal where he died of yellow fever.  I know he was from Lockport, New York, and there are several Carriers buried in a cemetery there.  We visited that cemetery but do not know if any Carriers still live in Lockport.

My grandfather was John Dudley Carrier.  He was born in the late 1800’s.  His son, my father, was John Littlefield Carrier. He was born around 1912 I have two brothers;  John Charles Carrier (deceased) and Robert William Carrier.  We all are from the Rochester, New York, area.
Do you know if any of Martha and Thomas’s kin migrated to upstate New York?  I noticed that there was a reference to the ‘Virginia’ Carriers.  Can you tell me anything about them?

I’m not very skilled at researching genealogy but my niece is.  She is too busy to devote much time to this.  Any info you can pass on would be very much appreciated!

Thank you,
Sheila McAuliff

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  1. Neal Carrier says:

    Hello Sheila,
    Yes, many of Martha & Thomas’s descendants migrated to and through upstate NY. Some stayed and most seem to have moved on west to Illinois, Michigan, and other states.

    My ancestor came to the Rome area in the late 1700’s and several of his descendants still live in this area including myself. I know that there are Carrier cousins in the Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and other NY area’s still.

    The Virginia Carriers seem to be a “latter day” Carrier’s who went to Virginia in the early 1700’s. So far we haven’t been able to connect the two lines back in England.

    I suspect that you descend from the lost tribe of the “Dudley” Carrier line. This group seems to have initially located in the Syracuse area in the early 1800’s and use “Dudley” and “John” in several generations. I’ve been in touch with a couple of this family, a Jerry Carrier from Minnesota and an Adam Carrier but we haven’t been able to crack the brick wall back to Martha.

    Can you send me the name of your Union army officer and I’ll see what I can find on him.

    Also one of the Carrier genealogies has info on this Dudley family, I’ll copy it and email it to you, I suspect you and your niece will find it interesting.

    Neal Carrier

  2. Aimee says:

    Hi Shelia

    Coming into the conversation late…some of the family did settle in the Southern Tier of NYS. Fanny Carrier…my 3rd ggrandmother was born 1841 in CT, but settled in Cattaraugus County. It appears that she can with her parents, Philo and Lovinia (Andrews) Carrier and siblings. I live in the Rochester area.


  3. deanthedream says:

    My great-grandmother and her two sisters (Ethyle, Blanche and Elsie Carrier) moved back to western NY from S. Dakota in the early 1900’s. Their brother (Frank Carrier) remained in Rapid City. They lived in Lockport. There are Carrier descendants all over the Lockport/Buffalo area. Blanche or Elsie (I have to ask around) ended up in California and was Susan Olsen’s (Cindy on the Brady Bunch) grandmother.

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