Reunion photos – please share

If you have a few good photos of the reunion, please post them here (insert in post using the photo button on the form), or email to, and I’ll post.

Here are a couple I took:

Kathleen Kent at the Hawthorne

Priscilla (Carrier Smalser), Jim and Doug Carrier

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  1. lgarofalo5 says:

    The Carrier reunion was an amazing opportunity to connect with our Carrier past and present!
    Here are some photos from our family. I have to credit the kids with graveyard photos…
    Laura Carrier Garofalo

    (may have to send as separate email)

  2. admin says:

    Here’s how to post a photo. Log in. Go to Add New Post. Type a headline and message. Just above the message form, look for “Upload/Insert” Touch the photo box. It brings up an upload form. You can load one or several photos from your computer memory. If you can pre-size them to 900-600 pixels. They will “crunch” and become part of the site’s media library. Open each one, position and size it, and press “insert into post.” Then “publish.” Wallah.

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