Join us for a memorial to Martha, Saturday afternoon Nov. 6

On Saturday afternoon, Nov. 6, at 1 p.m. we will gather for an informal program at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, just a short walk from our hotel. Alison D’Amario of the Salem Witch Museum will greet us, describe the memorial, its history and purpose, and answer any questions you might have about Salem’s witch history.

If you haven’t been to the memorial, it is the one place in Salem where the original witch trials are remembered in proper fashion — a remarkably simple garden, adjacent to the Old Burial Ground, featuring a typical New England stone wall, and jutting stone “benches” for each of the 20 people who died in 1692. Each bench is carved with a name and date of death.

The garden was created for the 300th anniversary of the witch trials, and dedicated in 1992. Ms. D’Amario was competition manager for choosing the memorial architect.

The garden is shaded with black locust trees, the trees the victims were hanged from on a nearby hill. As you enter the memorial, quotes from some of the accused lie at your feet, the stones overlapping their words, as if being crushed into silence.

Visitors light candles, leave flowers and notes. You are invited to join us, and speak about Martha, what the witch history means to you, or anything else related to the reunion. Jim Carrier will be filming the gathering for a possible documentary.

For more about the memorial, click here.

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