A different Carrier story

My 2x great grandmother was Ann Elizabeth (Carrier) Harding.  Her granddaughter, Anna Eliza (Harding) Baird was my grandmother.  This is the story related to me about our Carrier line.

Three Carrier brothers – no first names, no dates – were forced to flee France because they were caught in a plot to kill the French king.  No name for the king was given.  One of them married a young German girl whose last name was Hettrick (prounced with hard “d” sound) and that was the only part that was true, though the Hettrik’s had been in this country for several generations.  I didn’t learn about the Carriers until I came across Helynn Carrier’s book and also got in touch with some cousins, also descendants of 2x great grandmother. 

Have other Carrier descendants heard  of this story also?  I don’t know why grandma was told this version, I learned true story after my grandmother had passed away.

About great8

Born in Washington St., but grew up all over the country as I am an military daughter and wife. My Carrier story is from my grandmother. This is what she was told - three Carrier brothers escaped France as they were caught in a plot to kill the French king. No first names, no dates, no king's name. One of them marrried a 14 year old German girl, High German they said, though I have learned she was a little older. I learned of Martha Carrier kind of in pieces from the work of several cousins, books, and the work of Helynn Carrier on her husband's family.
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